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CMW Projects

The CMW Funny Car at play.
CMW Racing Projects

Here’s what Scott and his crew is working on here at CMW these days:

  • CMW Racing is now involved in IMSA Racing with a Super Cup Car built by G & W Motorsports and CMW Racing. The corporate sponsor is First Union Bank of Charlotte, N.C. CMW is currently seeking corporate support for other racing ventures. Contact Bob Cousimano for more information.
  • On the HAAS VF-2 (CNC Vertical Mill) we’re building billet adapter plates for use on Porsche engines using a 3-bolt flange to a 2-bolt flange, and vice-versa. This allows replacement over a broad selection of manifolds.
  • In the Engine Assembly Room we’ve got a 3.8 liter Super Cup engine with a CMW Knife Edge Crank, CMW Billet Steel Rods, Light Weight Wrist Pins, and other CMW goodies being assembled for next year. Awaiting final the torque sequence is the Carbon Fiber motor with our Carbon Fiber Pistons. Once this is finished it will be punished on the Dyno.
  • On the Dyno is Roger Sheridans 2.8 liter Normally Asperated single plug engine. Read about it in an upcoming article in European Car Magazine.
  • Scotts “Pet” 3.2 Liter Turbo. This is an extreme exersize in power, rumored to have a Billet Crank Shaft, CMW Centered Oiling System Camshafts, Roller Rockers, 2 1/4 inch Titanium Step Headers, CMW GTP Turbo, Specially Cooled Intercooler, and other extreme goodies.
  • The “Buzzin’ Dozen”, a Ferrari engine with various customized engine components for use in an extremely rare Italian.
  • D-Port Inserts are finishing production for use in any flat six Porsche engine. These allow all the benefits of a D-port heads, but without the financial pain involved!
  • Camshafts for all flat six Porsches are being profiled for even better performance. Look for new CMW Camshaft Profiles coming soon!
  • We are currently applying coatings to different components such as TML to our valves, transmission gears, and piston skirts for improved lubrication, TML2 for use on bearings, piston skirts, and camshafts for better lubrication. We’re also applying CB2, a ceramic based heat resistant coating, on piston crowns , valve bottoms, and other combustion chamber components.
  • Nissan SR20DE Head Porting. A local speed demon has seen what our Porsche engines do, so he enlisted us to Port and Polish his head. We’ll bump the stock redline from 7500 to over 9000 RPM, with the intention of having a normally asperated 2 liter putting out over two hundred horses. Look for this car to be in a few magazines soon!
  • CMW Drag Racing? Yes, CMW is going to be racing a Nitro-Burning Funny Car again! More coming soon!!
  • Manufacturing big bore cylinders for the 911/930/964/993 Porsches. These cylinders will be from 100 to 104 millimeter bore for increasing displacement. Look for these coming soon!

Look for more updates as we complete
these projects and get a few others to work on!

CMW Racing
12929 Telegraph Road, Unit H
Santa Fe Springs, Ca 90670
Phone (310) 903-4571

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