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CMW Racing Technical Advice

Here’s a tip that tries to explain and solve the problem of Detonation Problems (knocking, pinging, or other “lean” situations). Causes of this are bad fuel, too much timing (timing is advanced too much through either faulty tuning or too long between adjustment), and/or an oil leak (this could be from poor seating of the rings to a leak on the intake side of the turbo). If left untreated or unchecked detonation problems can result in severe engine damage in the form of broken rings, pistons, and/or other engine components failing.

Here is how to fix the problem.

  • Adjust the timing to proper levels.
  • Using higher ocatane. Higher octane gas will resist knocking, but doesn’t fix the original problem.
  • Check for and fix any oil leaks that get into the combustion chamber of the motor. This includes leaks around valve guides, oil rings, and turbos.
  • Additional fuel enrichment for high performance engines (Turbos). Usually a bigger set of injectors will fix the problem, but a second set may be required.

A way to keep your eye on Detonation Problems is with the use of an Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) guage. The sensor should be placed 1 inch from the exhaust port on the header or manifold. We suggest using one sensor per cylinder, but having one or two on the center cylinder(s) of your engine will do. Number 2 and 3 on four cylinders, 2 and 5 on 6 cylinders, and 2 and 6 on eight cylinder engines. The reading will be actual temperatures of the exhaust, not like the results from an air to fuel ratio sensor, which is “after the fact” on exhaust readings. The temperature on a normally asperated engine should range any higher than 1340 to 1370 degrees farenheight, any higher can cause severe damage to the motor. If temperatures must run this high, the engine must have heat bearing (ceramic) coatings. Turbo engines will range from 1400 to 1650 degrees (These are consistent temperature readings). We will have a tech tip for you every couple of weeks, so come back soon for another great idea. If you would like to submit a tech tip or have a question, E-Mail us with it today!

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CMW Racing Technical Advice

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