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CMW Racings’ Newest Intake Manifold

CMW Racing Intake Manifold/ Throttle Body System

This integrated system utilizes special manifolds which unlike the old carburetor manifolds, permit the intake charge a straight shot at the valve. The system allows three alternative injector positions: one at the manifold / head interface, one downstream of throttle plate in the throttle body and in the air horn. Essentially six individual throttle bodies, these units are not adversely affected by unequal thermal expansion in seperate cylinders.
CMW’s latest throttle bodies are equipped with pockets for standard Bosch, Lucas, Rochester or Weber injectors, using o-rings top and bottom. Each barrel has an air by-pass screw. Map sensor ports are provided on both left and right hand units. The right hand unit incorporates a shaft with a single 5/16 D drive and mounting pad for throttle position sensors.
There are integral mounts for the fuel rail which is supplied seperately. AN-6 threads are in each end of the rail which a specific fitting.
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