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Connecting Rods

A secret in building a superior engine lies in increasing strength while reducing weight. CMW has perfected many ways to do this, one of which is in our connecting rods. A stock rod from the factory wieghs in at approximately 709 grams, where a CMW rod weighs in at approximately 589 grams. We also performed a stress test on these same two rods. We wanted to see just how strong our rods were, so we bent them using some specialized machines used in testing deflection limits and elacticity. The stock rod took 17,770 pounds to reach its’ elastic limit (that’s where the rod would flex, but not permanently bend), and had a .0796 inch deflection before it reached its’ elastic limit. The CMW rod took 20,850 pounds to reach its’ elastic limit, and had a .0996 deflection before it reached its’ elastic limit. More strength with less weight results in less reciprocating mass in a stronger engine for more power and higher redlines without having to worry about early engine fatigue.

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