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Feature Car

presents our feature car for this month.

This is a CMW prepared Porsche driven by Duncan Shui for Carrera Cup Racing events in the Far East. The above photograph was taken at the Hong Kong harbor prior to a race. This classic duck tail has been racing since 1991, and has the CMW billet d-port heads, throttle body, racing valves, racing starter, billet crank shaft, valve covers, and CMW pistons. In a letter to Bob, Duncan writes
“Thanks for building a marvelous engine. Engine revs freely
right to redline (9000 RPM) and occasionally over, yet holding
up well. Tremendous torque and strength!”
The engine is currently being rebuilt from the ground up though, and will have our prototype carbon fiber pistons. These pistons will have a ceramic coating allowing for increased strength and heat resistance. A JE Piston for this application weighs in at 460 grams, where the CMW carbon fiber piston with ceramic coating weighs a mere 298 grams. Look for more next month on these exciting pistons!
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