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Billet Heads

The CMW aluminum billet head will pull the maximum power out of your Porsche.
The head is designed around Bob Cousimano’s patented (U.S. patent #4,302,935) D-shaped exhaust port. It produces as much as 30% more usable power over the stock head with complete reliablilty . It bolts on to any Porsche model with the 6 cylinder 930 engine (3.0, 3.2, 3.5 liter) and the IMSA or Group C 962 racing engine.

The D-shaped exhaust port design is a result of thousands of hours logged on the flow bench. The D-shaped port is responsible for a dramatic improvement in exhaust velocity. As a result, exhaust gasses are completely scavenged with each combustion cycle, allowing more power to be produced. The CMW head has been designed to use a racing type twin spark plug set-up. This twin plug arranement allows for total combustion at all times for maximum power output. (Comparable with standard and dual ignition layouts).

Each head is machined from a solid billet of #6061 aluminum (ex. 962). Compared with the aluminum castings used by the factory, the billet is stronger, has no porosity, and cools much more quickly and evenly. As a result, head flex, cracking, plus hot and cold spots are no longer a concern.

Each billet is machined on a four-axis, computer numerical-controlled mill. This makes it possible to manufacture a head without dimensional fluctuations of its important aspects. Therefore valve angle, spark plug angle, spark plug index and other featutes are identical on each head.

To ensure uniform performance each CMW head set is flow tested prior to shipment (only sold in matched sets of 6 heads).

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